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Two Steves 

I'll be using my friend Steven Wolkoff's work as a talking point in class tomorrow. This kind of formalism gives us a lot to think about. What happens if/when students make art like this in school? How can a teacher approach it? What could they say about it to other students? These kinds of questions …

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Semantic Technologies in Learning Environments 

Interesting slides (56-58) listing challenges for developing learning tools, via elearnspace: Semantic Technologies in Learning Environments.

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Teaching Wikipedia as a mirrored technology 

A good read on Internet literacy and Wikipedia via First Monday: Teaching Wikipedia as a mirrored technology

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The New Coffee Trailer at Columbia University 

It clashes with surrounding buildings with a modern defiance. It serves the community in deeply important and practical ways. And its cold, metallic surfaces reflect orange sunsets with a surprising warmness. What is it? A coffee trailer in New York City, of course. But also: it's Columbia University's new $200 million interdisciplinary science building at the intersection of …

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Who are you designing for? 

I ran across this interesting frog design deck while reviewing trends in design research – a summary of the Design Research Conference 2010 (DRC) last May. A quick glimpse at the slides provides a snapshot of how designers continue to grapple with user needs, and how they respond with both simple and sensible strategies (and …

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