The Most Flexible Immersive Learning Space

| October 9, 2017

A bold title? Not when you’re talking about the Smith Learning Theater. In Gary Natriello’s words, it “underscores our commitment to producing unconventionally collaborative, custom-designed, authentic learning experiences that are playful, valuable, and inspiring.”

I’m grateful to have played a role in bringing this space into existence for the past 3 years. I’m excited to see how educators and educational researchers use it.

It’s truly an innovative space, combining five distinct data networks (supported by over twenty miles of fiberoptic and copper cabling) with a flexible ceiling grid, geo-spatial tracking system, and video broadcast-ready AV system packed into a 6,600 sq. ft. event space.

You might think it was designed from the ground up for learning in the Experience Age.

Check out the Library’s Rhizr for event highlights and more information.