Awards for online learning tools

| May 17, 2008

I was just perusing the great set of professional development resources our EdLab team created for the Teaching the Levees project, and I’m saddened that there are no awards for online learning resources. OK, so I’m not entirely surprised. (Would any existing award include this in anything but a minor way?)

Short of finding a place to nominate this set of resources and bring it to the attention of teachers everywhere, I’m thinking there is an opportunity here to create (or add to) a social networking site – where its members could nominate and vote on the best free educational resources. Fun! And its not like this model is unheard of…

With all the Oscars, Emmys, Tonys, Webbys, and so on, how could there not be a place for those of us dedicating our lives to education to gather and congratulate ourselves about our greatest achievements? It would be a reason to dust off our finest dresses and tuxes.